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Great! You Want to Learn More

The Project Thesis

Want to read every detail of the project's background, methods, results and insights? Feel free to read our unabridged master thesis.

Learning Resources

We recognize that our work and insights might not be enough to satisfy your quest for knowledge. But don't worry, we have collected a number of resources to aid you in your future research and design work. 

Illustration of an elderly woman with an excited expression, holding a magnifying glass.

UX Design for Senior Citizens (Ages 65 and Older)

Li-Hao Chena & Yi-Chien Liub

Affordance and Intuitive Interface Design for Elder Users with Dementia

Kent Tsai

Designing For Elders — Through the Lens of UX Design

UK Home Office

Designing Accessible Services

Dana Foundation

Cognitive Skills and the Aging Brain: What to Expect

Story, M.F., Mueller, J.L. & Mace, R.L

The Universal Design File: Designing for People of All Ages and Abilities

Ryoko Fukuda & Heiner Bubb

Eye tracking: Comparison between younger and elderly users in case of search task with electronic timetable service

Joshua Reach

What Designing for Seniors Has Taught Me


Clear Language for Everyone (Klarspråk for alle, Norwegian)

Spire Digital

Accessible Design: Designing for the Elderly

Rebecca Folkman Gleditsch

(Statistics Norway)

A historic shift: Soon more older people than children and young people (Et historisk skifte: Snart flere eldre enn barn og unge, Norwegian)

Khushi Shah

Inclusive Design in the Context of Psychological Well-Being

Bon Ku & Ellen Lupton

Health Design Thinking

Sergey Polyuk

Age Before Beauty – A Guide to Interface Design for Older Adults

Gunnar Tellnes

Health-Promotive Collaboration (Helsefremmende samhandling, Norwegian)

Yaw Frimpong, Dai Baozhen &

 Bernard Sarpong

Challenges Faced by Older Adults With Cognitive Impairment and Their Caregivers in a Care Home

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