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... The Project

This project aims to stimulate inclusive design by sharing our insights and tips to encourage empathic and empowering solutions for digitally lacking, cognitively disabled elders. These insights are the result of 10 months of hard work. It is the end product of a master thesis at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The project was started in August 2021, and in June 2022 we delivered our thesis. 

13 designers and innovators who works with elderly user-groups was interviewed, as well as 7 elders with various digital competency and age-range. 5 designers participated in a co-creative project workshop, and 1 clinical psychology specialist was consulted.

Want to read every detail of the project's background, methods, results and insights? Feel free to read our unabridged master thesis.

... The People Behind the Project

Signe Berg and Elen Haksø both studied Master in Interaction Design at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology from 2020 to 2022. Their backgrounds are in media science and design. Signe currently works as a Service Designer at Bouvet, and Elen works as an UX Designer at Kantega. 

They got inspired to start this project after watching their grandparents struggle with technology and user interfaces. This led to a discussion about inclusive design, elders, isolation and digital competency.


Since delivering our thesis in June 2022, we have been lucky enough to speak at several conferences, publish a few blog posts and connect with many peers in our field.   

Logo for the Yggdrasil conference

Yggdrasil 2023

20 minute talk on designing for elders, inclusive design and digital exclusion held at Yggdrasil, an important meeting point for anyone innovating user experiences in Norway.

Read more (in Norwegian) here.

Logo for the Booster conference

Booster 2023

25 minute experience report about designing for elders and digital exclusion in March 2023. Booster is a software conference for the entire team in Bergen, Norway.

Watch our talk (in Norwegian) here.

Norwegian logo for the conference "Kunderservicedagene 2023"

Kundeservicedagene 2023

Kundeservicedagene is hosted by Tekna and is a conference focusing on strategy, technology, innovation, and customer service. Elen held a 20 minute talk on digital exclusion, inclusive design and our aging population.

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